• 3M PN8672 High Temp Black Silicone Gasket - 3oz

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    • Cleaning abilities remove light oxidation, swirl marks and minor scratches
    • Wax adds a protective coating
    • One-step product leaves deep rich waxed finish
    • Versatility allows application by either hand or machine
    • Product is rated as clear coat safe
    • 3M™ One Step Cleaner Wax removes most fine scratches, light oxidation, swirl marks, water spots, and minor stains. Our car care wax will leave a deep, rich finish. Apply this wax by either hand or machine.

      One-Step Product Offers Exceptional Convenience
      3M™ One Step Cleaner Wax combines the benefits of a polish and a wax into one easy-to-use car care product that leaves cars looking stunning. The dual benefits of this one-step wax offers the cleaning qualities of a polish with the protective capabilities of a wax. Our two-in-one product saves you time and effort in keeping your vehicle sparkling and shiny.

      Works Quickly to Clean and Protect
      When you apply 3M™ One Step Cleaner Wax, you will quickly notice how it goes to work to remove fine scratches, light oxidation, swirl marks, water spots and minor stains. It reverses the ill effects of these common blemishes that occur over time. But while it is busy cleaning, our wax is multi-tasking by also adding a protective layer and a glossy shine. In just a single step, you will produce a sparkling shine with a durable coating.

      Our 3M™ One Step Cleaner Wax has been formulated to be safe for use on all automotive paints, including clear coats. It will not scratch or discolor your vehicle's finish.

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