• 3M™ Room Air Purifier KJ306F-GD

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    Effectively filter smaller than PM2.5 800 times 0.003um viruses, bacteria, allergens and particulates
    Virus* removal 99.99% and bacteria removal >99%
    3M(tm) Electret technology effectively filter indoor air particulates without producing ozone & other harmful substances
    Honeycomb activated carbon effectively filter formaldehyde, toluene smoke indoor peculiar odor
    Health Partner and endorse with the American Lung Association
    Over 40 years of air filtration expertise & 200+ US air filtration technology patents issued in past 25 years
    -Particulate CADR: 306m³/h
    - Formaldehyde CADR: 50 m³/h
    - CCM: P3
    - Room Size:226-388 Sq. ft
    1 Yr Carry-in Service
    *Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM) Measure the cumulative mass of the target contaminant, when the original CADR decreases by 50%. Indicates the filter life. Measure both PM2.5 and formaldehyde life

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