• 3M Filtrete™ Ultra Quiet Room Air Purifier Replacement Filter

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    One electrostatic filter (including activated carbon) for FAP00-RS-2G air cleaner
    The 3MTMFiltreteTM electrostatic air filter technology can effectively filter PM2.5 particles, pollen, bacteria, smoke and other allergens.
    The unique technology makes the electrostatic effect of the filter lasting, and it is not easy to be affected by the change of temperature and humidity to affect its adsorption effect. The effect is better than the products that are generally claimed to be similar.
    Activated carbon can adsorb odors and harmful chemicals, such as cigarettes, animal odors, etc.
    The replacement filter can be used continuously for 2,160 hours, with an average of 12 hours a day, and can be used for approximately 6 months! It is recommended to replace regularly to maintain optimal filtration efficiency.
    Electrostatic filter material is imported from 3M United States
    The 3MTM FiltreteTM electrostatic air filter technology can remove 99.9% of dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other sensitized and contaminating particles in the air, and even airborne PM2.5 aerosols that harm the respiratory tract. Can be efficiently filtered.

    Applicable models: 3MTM net breatheTM quiet air cleaner FAP00-RS-2G

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