• 3M Scotch-brite High Performance Floor Wipe for Flat Mop

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    Use with Scotch-brite™ High Performance Flat Mop. Light and extendable handle of Scotch-brite™ High Performance Flat Mop with full length of mop in 145cm, easily penetrates gaps and cleans wall surfaces or ceilings
    Super fine micro-fiber floor wipe effectively traps dust and grease and is highly absorbent
    Wet & Dry dual cleaning: Dry use – trap dust and hair ; Wet use – removes grease and stains
    Reusable floor wipe can be cleaned easily

    Use in multiple surfaces - marble, room tiles, balcony tiles, wood, etc. 

    It is recommended to wipe dust and squeeze water from the floor wipe with the special-made scrubber included in the original flat mop set. Also, clean the floor wipe with cleaning agent and water from time to time. DO NOT use fabric softeners. 

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