• 3M PN03455 Scotchlite™ Silver Reflective Tape 1x36 in

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    - Tape may be used wherever low light or night-time light reflectivity is needed to increase visibility
    - Versatile tape works on a variety of substrates on automobiles, trailers, driveways, mailboxes, RVs, watercraft and bicycles
    - Pressure-sensitive adhesive adheres to clean, smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, smooth wood or painted surfaces
    - Conformability allows for use on most contoured and curved surfaces
    - Adhesive bonds well in exterior applications

    3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape offers enhanced nighttime reflective brightness to help you see objects better in the darkness. A pressure-sensitive 3M adhesive makes applying the tape easy and it creates a secure bond to most surfaces.

    Bright and Vivid Reflection at Night
    When the darkness of night obscures vision, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape can help people spot what is important to see. When you shine light on it, the light reflects back toward the source of the light, immediately alerting people to objects up ahead. It's advisable to place tape at a height where headlights will shine on it.

    Help Alert Drivers to the Presence of Objects
    Our tape is commonly used to alert drivers about stationary objects such as fences, posts, walls, rails, mailboxes and poles. We also advise applying this tape to parked trailers, campers, RVs, boats and tractors.

    Increase Visibility for People, Too
    Reflective tape is also good to apply to clothing, bikes and helmets used in low light conditions. We recommend using the tape on both bike and motorcycle helmets. A seasonal use for our tape is to apply to Halloween costumes. Our tape will often help make you more visible to drivers in the dark. The tape conforms and adheres well over curves and contours.

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