• WD-40® Multi-Purpose Anti-Rust Lubricant (EZ-Reach) - 450ml

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    - 8" flexible straw
    - Straw bends and keeps its shape
    - Same great formula
    - Sprays 2 ways
    - Reach the unreachable

    A breakthrough in getting WD-40® Multi-use product precisely where you need it.
    WD-40® EZ-Reach™ features an attached 8” flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape so you can get in, out, around, over and under those hard-to-reach spaces.

    Note: When flipping up or down the straw, it is recommended to hold the nozzle(red in color) tightly with one hand and adjust the straw with the other hand. Do not flip it with one hand, which may cause breakage.

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