• 3M Command™ Kitchen Organization - Sponge Holder with Water Resistance Strips 17650D

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    • $48.70

    Command™ strips can be applied to wet or hot kitchen environment at -10 ° C to 50 ° C, with relative humidity up to 90%

    New premier pad enhances the adhesion and make product stock well even at slightly rough surfaces

    Command™ strips can be removed cleanly for reposition

    With a separator design, this holder can hold 2 scrub sponges

    Holding power 1kg

    Detachable water dripping tray for easy cleaning

    Package Contents: 1 sponge holder, 1 strip, 1 alcohol wipe

    Sponge holder made in Taiwan, Strips made in Singapore

    Replacement strips model: Command™ Water Resistance Strips - Large (17605B)

    Tags: Sponge Holder