• 3M Scotch® R103 Restickable Tabs - 0.5" x 0.5"

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    • Hang, secure, decorate and personalise with Scotch Restickable Tabs.

      Scotch Restickable Tabs are photo safe and perfect for hanging posters and other lightweight materials, particularly where you don’t want to damage, mark or stain the surface underneath. They are thin, neat and discreet – sitting flat between the wall and the poster to give a clean, professional look. In a similar way, they are a great solution for temporarily displaying greetings cards, postcards, snapshots or your child’s artwork. Use them at Christmas or for parties to hang decorations and banners around your home; when the festivities are over its quick and easy to take them down again with the minimum of fuss.

      The tabs stick well on most flat surfaces including painted walls, wood, glass, plastic and stainless steel, and provide a tidier alternative to traditional fridge magnets. You can even use them on your kitchen cupboards to keep shopping lists and reminders close to hand. Scotch Restickable Tabs can be used again and again. Simply remove one object from the tab and mount or secure a different object. Alternatively, remove the tab completely and store it in the box for future use. If the tabs become dusty or start to lose their stickiness through repeated use, simply wash them with soap and water to refresh them! The pack contains 72 tabs, supplied on backing sheets in a reclosable box so that you can store them for repeated use.

      Scotch is a trademark of 3M Company.

      Box Contains

      1 pack of Scotch Restickable Tabs; 72 tabs per pack 

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